Information About Appointments

Dr. Savely’s practice is no longer accepting new patients. Unfortunately, there are far too few health care providers treating tick-borne diseases and Morgellons disease to accommodate the many patients who need to be seen.

Her practice is committed to high quality, individualized care and she cannot allow her practice to become too large and compromise that kind of service. Please understand that she is, unfortunately, not able to make any exceptions.

We are not keeping a waiting list nor do we recommend or refer people to other doctors because we do not know their treatment protocols or if they are accepting new patients. We recommend asking fellow patients on online discussion groups for referral information.

However, one option offered by Dr. Savely is requesting a telephone
consult with her to:

  • Ask questions about your condition
  • Have her interpret your Lyme tests and advise whether you
    would benefit from antibiotic treatment
  • Get advice about treatment methods
  • Start on a pre-treatment protocol so that you will be ready
    to start antibiotics if you choose to do this with another
    practitioner (heavy metal detox, mold toxin detox, immune
    up-regulation, liver cleanse, etc.)
  • Start on an herbal treatment protocol should you decide to
    go this route
  • Receive a copy of her well-researched and very helpful
    treatment manual – a guide to strengthening the immune
    system (at least as important as taking medications!)
  • Assist you with the appropriate direction for treatment options


You will not be Dr. Savely’s patient so she would not be able to order lab tests or prescribe medications for you. She will also not be able to answer future questions by email.

Dr. Savely has 15 years of experience in treating tick-borne infections and Morgellons disease. She speaks at many conferences on these topics including the annual ILADS Lyme conferences in the U.S and Europe. She has also published dozens of articles in medical and nursing journals. Having her steer you in the right direction for treatment can ultimately save you time and money. You will be supplied with an insurance-ready receipt so that you may apply the cost of the consult to your out-of-network expenses if you have a PPO.

If you are interested in scheduling a telephone consultation, please send your request to with your full name, date of birth, full address and telephone numbers. Fees for this consultation service will be provided to you in our response to your request.

After an appointment is scheduled, we will request that you write a brief history of your illness and a list of questions so that you can make the best use of your time during the call. Please do not send lab results that are more than 3 months old UNLESS they are tick-borne disease tests in which case you may send ones done at any time. These items should be sent as PDF email attachments or faxed to 800-692-4880. Questions, labs and other pertinent documentation can only be accepted by FAX or email.

If are suffering from what you feel are Morgellons disease symptoms you may also ask your primary care doctor to email Dr. Savely at and ask for her Morgellons treatment protocols. These will be sent by return email and there is no charge for this. We will only send these directly to a health care provider when specifically requested by them. We will not send this information to patients.

Answers to commonly asked questions about her practice are found by clicking on the FAQ link.


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