Getting Around DC


The Metro system is very user friendly. Using cabs in DC has some downsides, though. Most do not take credit cards, for one thing. And if you call one to come at a certain time, there’s a good chance they will be late. The best thing to do is take an UBER car. Sign up here for the phone app. They have clean, nice unmarked cars that you can summon by pulling up the app and seeing where the closest one is. It’s a wonderful service and costs just a little bit more than a regular cab would. You can give your credit card when you sign up and so each time you arrive at your destination you don’t have to mess with payment. Plus, you will receive $20 off of your first fare which will be useful when coming in from the airport. (Most in town fees are about $15 or less).


• Information on office location.

• Information on parking.

• Information on where to stay.