Office Location


In the Washington Center for Complementary Medicine

1701 K Street NW  Suite 801
Washington, DC   20006

(The building is on the NW corner of K and 17th. Enter on 17th Street even though the address is K Street!)



  • The Farragut North stop on the Red Line is actually underneath the office building. There are 3 exits out of the Farragut North station – make sure to exit at the K Street exit.
  • The Farragut West stop on the Blue and Orange Lines is a block away.

Click here for a map of the Washington DC Metro line

The closest and most convenient airport to fly into is Reagan National Airport (DCA). You can take the metro straight from DCA to the office on the blue line.

You can also fly into Dulles Airport (IAD) or Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport. You can take buses from these airports but if you are very sick you may want the person traveling with you to rent a car to drive into the city (a 45-60 minute drive). You may want to compare prices of flying into all 3 of these airports as there are often large differences in prices, even with the same airline.

If you arrive in DC by train you can take the Metro from Union Station to the office on the red line, just 4 stops away.


There is a “Central Parking” parking lot underneath the office building next door to the office building on 17th Street. Go here for information about prices. They also often have a coupon you may print out to save money.


Google “Hotels near 17th and K St in Washington, DC” if you want to see which hotels are within walking distance to the office. However, the downtown DC hotels tend to be very expensive (approximately $250 to $500 per night). The closest is the famous Mayflower Hotel which costs about $450/night.

The least expensive and most convenient places to stay are in the DC suburb of Rosslyn, Virginia. You can walk to the Metro from your hotel and go 2 stops on either the orange or blue line to get to the office. Go to and look for “hotels near Rosslyn, VA Metro stop”. There are always several that are around $100. If you fly into Dulles airport, you can get Metrobus 5-A directly to and from the Rosslyn Metro stop (just $3, takes about 40 minutes).


The Metro system is very user friendly. Using cabs in DC has some downsides, though. Most do not take credit cards, for one thing. And if you call one to come at a certain time, there’s a good chance they will be late. The best thing to do is take an UBER car. Sign up here for the phone app. They have clean, nice unmarked cars that you can summon by pulling up the app and seeing where the closest one is. It’s a wonderful service and costs just a little bit more than a regular cab would. You can give your credit card when you sign up and so each time you arrive at your destination you don’t have to mess with payment. Plus, you will receive $20 off of your first fare which will be useful when coming in from the airport. (Most in town fees are about $15 or less).