To become a patient

Dr. Savely is accepting new patients from all over the US and Canada. In order to become her patient please send an email to requesting a new patient packet. This will be sent to you as an email attachment within 24 hours of your request and will include forms to complete and answers to commonly asked questions. If you think you may have Morgellons disease, please mention this in your email as there is a separate questionnaire for Morgellons disease patients. Within 24 hours of receiving your completed forms we will contact you by email to set up your first consultation. The first consultation will be by phone and you may continue to have phone visits for as long as you need to.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Savely does not accept patients who smoke, chew or vape tobacco. Quitting tobacco use is the most important thing you can do to regain your health and it has been our observation that patients who continue to use tobacco will not get well. If you are a smoker, talk to your primary care provider about prescriptions to help you quit. After you have been off of tobacco for 6 weeks or more you may contact us about becoming a patient.

Morgellons patients: If are suffering from what you believe to be Morgellons disease symptoms you may also ask your primary care doctor to email Dr. Savely at and ask for her Morgellons treatment protocols.  These will be sent by return email and there is no charge for this. We will only send these directly to a health care provider when specifically requested by them. We will not send this information to patients.

Answers to commonly asked questions about her practice are found by clicking on the FAQ link.

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