Patient Testimonials

What Dr. Ginger Savely's Patients Have Said About Her

"If you have found this page through luck, fate, friends or Divine Providence, know that you are in the right place. You have suffered long enough, whether it has been 6 months, a year, or as in my own case, 20 years. Dr. Savely will lead you through a Lyme and co-infections treatment designed for you, and together you will find the answers, and you will, if you follow her advice, find recovery. It may require patience and strength you don't think you have, and in fact it can be downright hard, but you will recover your life, as I have.

Dr. Savely is constantly updating her knowledge for your benefit. She is like no other doctor you have ever seen, and in over 20 years I saw at least that many. She will listen, suggest, cajole and commiserate. You will laugh and cry together. She will be the big sister you always wanted, even if, as I am, you are older than she is. And you will have a friend for life. Whatever brought you here, Carpe Diem!"
Conway, South Carolina


"When my 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease, I knew it was caused by a tick, but was naive about the true facts until I spent many sleepless nights researching and reading books to find answers to my growing list of questions. All my answers led me to find a good Lyme Literate Healthcare Professional who will treat a pediatric patient. Before seeing Dr. Ginger for the first time, we were nervous, scared, and unsure about my daughter’s future. Fifteen minutes into our appointment I knew we had found someone who was knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate to her patients. After every appointment with Dr. Ginger, we walked out with a hug, encouragement, and confidence that we were a team and she was dedicated to us 100%.  Dr. Ginger incorporated her personal experiences with Lyme disease in any situation that we came across, which, as a parent, helped me feel that we weren’t alone.  Now that my daughter is in remission and back to enjoying a normal life as a teenager, I can honestly say, we didn’t find a “good” Lyme Literate Healthcare Professional, we found the BEST!"
Kim Bittner
Westminster, MD


"As someone with over 20+ years of experience working in the healthcare field and as a mother, I am overly selective when it comes to choosing health care providers.  Not a day goes by that I am not deeply thankful for Dr. Savely’s treatment and care for my son and me.  She is treating a devastating illness with compassion, professionalism, expertise and an unparalleled knowledge base in a completely holistic manner that is sorely lacking throughout our healthcare system.  Dr. Savely is light years ahead of her colleagues and is a true pioneer toward shifting that system to what it should be.  Throw in her sense of humor, reassurance and availability whenever needed and from this patient’s viewpoint, she is the whole package.

It is not an exaggeration to say that I believe she is single-handedly restoring our quality of life to a level I thought impossible just a short time ago.  It is probably not an exaggeration to say she may well be saving our lives.  Dr. Savely is the person to run, not walk, to for any illness or syndrome that she treats."
Cherie H.
New York, New York


"Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Savely. She treated my 22-month-old for Lyme Disease, when nobody else would. She started answering my questions before my daughter was even a patient of hers. I was so anxious before our first appointment, not knowing if Dr. Savely would be able to treat my daughter effectively. The moment I laid eyes on her all my fears calmed. I knew she was the one. Not only is she incredibly talented and committed to her patients and the cause, she has a light that radiates from her. I shudder to think what my daughter's life would be like, had we not found Dr. Savely. She has truly saved her life and I can never repay what she has done for us.

On a less emotional note- she is also an incredible doctor for her practicality. We have most of our appointments over the phone, which, for a young mother makes all the difference. I love how we communicate by email, as well. If I have a question, between appointments, I can email and get a response within 24 hours. I don't have to worry about missing a phone call or not remembering what was said- it's all written in an email. Not only is it convenient, it is so much easier financially.I truly love her and wish I could do for her what she has done for us!"
Herndon, VA


"I am a mother of four wonderful young children all to whom I have unknowingly transmitted Lyme Disease in-utero.  Our oldest daughter has been the most symptomatic. Dr. Savely has been nothing short of a Godsend in our family's life.   She is the doctor who listens, who has walked this journey herself, with her kids and other family members.  Her wisdom, advice and cheer-leading have been such a tremendous blessing to us.  She is beyond prompt (and patient!) at answering my never ending stream of email questions and seems more like an informed friend than a distant doctor.  She is passionate about helping others even when the stakes against her are high.  She is willing to share the personal trials and triumphs that she has faced walking this road herself and she has given me many reality checks when I was deep in despair for my own children.

I appreciate Dr. Savely's desire and willingness to speak at conference after conference trying to help educate more practitioners about this disease.  I appreciate her up to date continual learning to be the best doctor she can be to her patients.

Most of all I appreciate the hope Dr. Savely offers. Hope, because she is willing to go out on a branch and treat people suffering from this disease that many professional doctors won't touch and are not educated to treat.  Hope, because she has walked this bumpy road herself, personally and with her own kids and knows the reality of hope that lies ahead for us."
Katie Kuenzi
Sublimity, OR


“Dr. Ginger Savely was the first doctor in three years to take my condition seriously—and also the first to start curing it.   Her knowledge and wealth of experience is immediately comforting to the new client, but far greater is her rational open-mindedness in dealing with what are mysterious diseases, her willingness to seek out truth beyond politics and long-standing assumptions, and her ability to find solutions that work, or keep trying.”
Colin Borchert
Austin, Texas


"If earth angels exist, Dr. Ginger Savely is most definitely one of them. Her brilliance, dedication, compassion, commitment, strength and courage are awe-inspiring. Dr. Savely uniquely possesses a delicate balance of kindness and strength. She is funny, personable, hands-on, approachable, a pillar of hope, empathetic and open-minded, She had been recommended to me by several different medical doctors across the country, including the top Lyme specialists. Like many, my situation has been torturous. I've been through the wringer; endured unbelievable pain; been to countless health professionals (including  doctors at what is considered the best medical center in the world); and spent everything I have on healing. Without a doubt, Dr. Savely is one of the rare professionals worth the time, energy and money. If you are considering going to her for treatment, don't walk, run! I could go on and on with specifics about how incredible she is. You'll understand exactly what I mean when you meet her!"
Kim F.
New York, New York


"In the last 3 years I've had the best medical care and concern for my well being I've ever had in my 63 years of life.  Ginger Savely has given that to me and much more.  It's rare in this life to find a medical professional or just a friend who really cares and who will go the extra mile for you.  I've found both in Dr. Savely, a real human being."
Jean Jackson
Modesto, California


"As a patient and a former health care provider I know the importance of caring for the whole person.  This is the kind of care we have received from Ginger Savely.  My son and I have not been treated as "Lyme patients," but as unique individuals with multiple health complications that include Lyme and Babesia.  With Dr. Savely's care I have experienced a balancing of my hormones, decreased pain and  pain control, increased energy, assistance in  fighting depression and anxiety, and mostly a renewed interest in life. Through it all she has been available to us with confidant and knowledgeable care.  As our health gets better day by day I find myself wanting to be more active and feeling better.  I could not ask for better care!!!"
Jackie and Fintan Murphy
South San Francisco, California


"When I became desperately and hopelessly ill, I went to the top doctors at some of the major hospitals in the US. No one seemed to care or even wanted to talk with me. I called a surgeon friend of mine who said, "Go to the top of the mountain, Dona". From what I had read on the internet I knew that research on Morgellons was being conducted at Oklahoma State University. I called there and they said that the only person on PLANET EARTH who could help me was Ginger Savely. Dr. Savely has shown compassion, understanding, empathy, and patience beyond anyone else that I have known. She SAVED my life and the lives of so many others as well!"
Dona F.
Miss Virginia, Miss America Pageant 1972


"I spent decades of my life looking for someone in the medical field who was brave, compassionate, knowledgeable and willing enough to treat my symptoms. After years of suffering from Morgellons and Lyme disease I met Ginger Savely. Her unwavering desire to help and her willingness to think outside the box is why I'm alive today. What the future holds I don't know but if not for my dear friend Ginger "Dr. Doll" Savely I wouldn't have one."
Bill Pitt
Hinkley, California


"Dr. Savely is not only on the leading edge of treatment and research of Lyme and related diseases but is also a most compassionate health care provider.  She has literally felt your pain having had a personal connection with tick borne disease.  Dr. Savely dares go where most medical professionals won't in the research and treatment of Morgellon's disease.  She is open minded about treatment options and works with each patient to develop a course of treatment most appropriate to the patient's medical requirements and personal needs."
Suzanne Shaps
Cleveland, Ohio


"Even though Ginger Savely is out of State, I don't feel the distance between us since she always responds to my emails so quickly.  She has been wonderful emotional support for me through the difficult treatment process.  After each consult I feel more positive and ready to tackle my illness.  So happy I found her!"
A. F.
Austin, TX


"After many years of illness and many trips to various doctors, Ginger Savely was the first and only medical professional to finally correctly diagnose not only my Lyme Disease, but also the co-infections Erlichiosis, Bartonella, and Babesia. On top of that, she also diagnosed my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which a number of doctors had also missed. She was the first medical professional to actually believe me when I said I felt awful, and ran the tests to find out why. I have complete faith in her knowledge and abilities in these areas and would not hesitate to recommend her to others in my situation."
Patsy Swinson
Kyle, Texas